Juan Roman RIQUELME's Top Ten Assists

Conidered one of the most talented Argentine players of his generation Juan Román RIQUELME  is best known for his creative passing during his eighteen professional career. He spent most of his career with Boca Juniors as an offensive midfield playmaker, he combined passing, vision, and technical skills. Juan Roman RIQUELME has been recognised as the "last true number 10s" due to his playmaking abilities and unique playing style. With Boca Juniors he won Four domestic leagues, three Copa Libertadores and one intercontiental cup versus Real Madrid in 2000. During all this seasons he gave the most creative assists ever seen to lucky forwards as Martin Palermo, Guillermo Barros-Schelloto (Boca Juniors' currently manager), Marcelo Delgado, Rodrigo Palacio, Pablo Mouche, Dario Cvitanich, Emmanuel Gigliotti, Lucas Viatri and many others. And now here it comes his top ten assists with Boca Juniors. The most famous is versus Real Madrid for Martin Palermo in the 2000 Intercontental cup final but ma favourite is number two :

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