Euro Cup sticker Fail : Slaviša JOKANOVIC

On Twitter today I posted this picture of Yougoslavia 92 from this Old Topic when I talked about national Manager Ivica OSIM when he played at Strasbourg (1970-71) : 

Then one of my follower (Nikola Miljković‏) told me there is a mistake with one player. Do you know who ?
It's the currently Fulham's manager Slaviša Jokanović. Have a look at his sticker from Euro 92 and compare with the 98 World Cup one : 
Clearly this is not the same player. But who's the player on the left side ? For the answer have a look on the 1991 Yougoslavian Sticker album. Slaviša Jokanović played with FK Partizan at this time and one of his teamate is Rangers FC former player Gordan Petrić :
Panini made another mistake on this 1992 Euro Cup album and instead of Slavisa Jokanovic it's Gordan Petric the 1987 FIFA World Youth Championship winner :
Thanks to Nikola Miljković

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