SPAIN - World Cup 94

The 1994 Panini World Cup album is very strange with so many differences between some countries. Today we have a look on the Spanish national team. In the Dutch version and the German album spanish players all appear in their club jerseys and we don't know why. I don't think it's a license problem as we can see with this same team in the 2002 World Cup Album, It's may be a problem between the headquarter in Italy and their brand in Germany/Netherlands. May be they didn't receive  in time the good files (with spanish jersey) or they lost it. There is two example with Pep GUARDIOLA and Luis ENRIQUE. On the sitckers just below you can see on the right side the international Edition directed by Panini headquarterers in Modena, Italy and on the other hand the Dutch/Geman edition :
I think it's a file problem because for the dutch/german edition they took the files of Spanish Liga 1993-94 album. As you can see :
And may be they used some Photoshop software (the right one with the Spanish Jersey) :
By the way the UK & Ireland edition were a little bit different with closer faces for some teams like Spain :
And now all the Spanish 1994 team with both stickers (International & dutch/german edition). Click on the pictures for better quality :

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