Brazil 94

As I said in the last topic of the World Cup 94' label one week ago (Spain 94), the Panini albumis very strange between the diffrent version in each country. Today a focus on the brazilian edition. If the cover are a little bit different the wide discrepancy is about four players and I don't know why !!
Have a look on both pages of Brazil team in the versions available elsewhere :
And now the Brazilian version :
As you can see the Ricardo Gomes, RIcard Rocha, Bebeto and Romario's stickers are different. A zoom on each ones (stickers on the left are the Brazilian ones) :
And if you have noted the team's sticker is also diffrerent (brasilian version on top)

1 commentaire:

  1. In the Brazilian version, all team's badges stickers are like the brazilian FA, with the white background.


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