Euro 1992 winner invades pitch naked

It has emerged that a streaker who invaded a Danish Superliga clash on Friday 26th august was in fact 1992 European Championship winner Lars Elstrup.During the second half of a domestic clash between Randers and Silkeborg on this Friday night, Elstrup took to the field wearing no clothes and ran around the field of play.His actions caused the contest to be suspended for several minutes as security removed him from the pitch, much to the embarrassment of the players involved in the clash. Although an apology was issued by the 53-year-old, such unorthodox and bizarre behaviour is nothing new to the former Feyenoord striker.Several times previously he has been arrested for being naked in public and in fact in 1994, was warned for standing outside a school touching his penis.The former Luton Town man retired from football at the age of 30 in 1993 and joined a spiritual sect, which he was then expelled from, and changed his name to Darando.He was arrested before the turn of the millennium for assaulting a young man but defended himself by claiming that 'something inside' urged him to do it and even attempted suicide before.In 2000, he released a naked picture of himself claiming that he was 'cured' but it seems all is still not well.
Lars ELSTRUP played for Feyenoord (1986-88) & Luton Town (1989-91)

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