The craziest Kick-off ever ?

The story took place in Hungary the 2nd June 1990 at Budapest. A friendly game in Hungary for Colombia only three weeks before the World Cup in Italy. At the Nepstation a few affluence with only 4 000 people in thegrandstands. And yet this 4 000 fans saw the craziest kick-off ever in football history. Once again Carlos Valderrama showed us that he's the king of stoicism. Remember this stroy in Spain with famous Real Madrid fromer player Michel. During a corner Michel  squeezing Valderrama's crotch who didn't move(The Topic in French here with the video : Carlos VALDERRAMA et la main au collet). This time is another stoicism's proof by Valderrama when a perfect nude hungarian babe came in the pitch for the Kick-off. The Colombia's number ten is first suprised by this event and then he applaussed when the girl kick the ball. Have a look at this insane video of the craziest Kick-off ever. By the way Colombia lost the game 3-1 but who cares ?

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