FC Sochaux legend : Bernard GENGHINI

Bernard GENGHINI is a french former football midfielder who started his career at Sochaux. In the 1979-80 season he was the leader of this amazing team of Sochaux who finished at the third place in the domestic league just behind the two giants of the decade Nantes and St-Etienne. The following season, Genghini knew a second fantastic season in a row and Sochaux made a fantastic UEFA campaign where they lost only in semi-final and Genghini scored so many crucial goals all season long. Bernard Genghini became a french international player but there is a major problem. Genghini played as a number 10 like....Michel Platini and Alain Giresse. But the french manager Michel Hidalgo had the solution. For the 1982 world cup the trhee number 10 played together ! That a reason why french loyal fans loved deeply this team because with trhee attacking midfielder, France played so well until the penalty shootouts versus West Germany in a drama semi-final.Revealed to FC Sochaux-Montbéliard, he has the difficult task of succeeding Michel Platini after the 1982 World Cup at St-Etienne. Genghini left Sochaux after 212 games ans 71 goals. But the famous club of the 70's is in major dofficulty and Bernard GENGHINI lost his french international starter rank. Here it comes all the greatest Genghini's goals with Sochaux. It's brilliant :

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