World Cup sticker Fail : Jorge VALDANO

There is a double fail with Jorge VALDANO and the stickers album of the 1990 World Cup. We saw the first one in a old topic (It's in French : Panini Fail - Jorge VALDANO). This mistake is not an huge fail for me. In one hand because if two years before the italian World Cup Jorge Valdano retired from football (he played his last game the 1st march 1987 in reason of his sickness, Hepatitis B affects Valdano at this time) national manager Carlos Bilardo anounced in november 1989 that he would like Valdano's come back in buisness. Valdano accepted this unbeliveble challenge after two years without playing football. Jorge VALDANO player two friendly games with Argentina befote the World Cup and it's an outstanding performance each time for the 1986 World Cup winner. But in the other hand Panini couldn't guess that Valdano injured only 3 weeks before the world cup. A very sad story for him and Argentina. But the biggest fail with Valdano is from a Yugoslav Sticker album. In this World Cup 1990 Special album we can see the sticker of Nestor Clausen and if we compare with the Original Panini Album we can see the mistake. On the right side is Jorge VALDANO :
But there is another mistake on the same page of this Yugoslav album. If you see the sticker on the right side, you have trouble to recognize Alfaro MORENO (1989 Argentine best player and he particped the same year at the copa America) :
And the confusion is normal because on the right side this is 1986 World Cup winner Pedro PASCULLI. It's an huge fail too because Pasculli played his last game with Argentina in...1987 :
The Yugoslav 1990 World Cup Sticker Album cover with so many argentine players confusion :

3 commentaires:

  1. That wasnt Russian but Yugoslav sticker album. You see it says ПОЛИТИКИН Забавник on the ball, that is the Serbian magazine that still publishes

  2. The cover is of Serbian/Yugoslav album, not Russian. Not the official album Panini album though, just the one that was given as a gift in a magazine.

  3. The cover is not of a Russian, but of an unofficial Yugoslav/Serbian album, which was given free with Politikin Zabavnik magazine. The official Panini album was better, but not free of course.


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