A First Division match at Plough Lane on this 6th February 1988 brought together opposing clubs Wimbledon and Newcastle United and opposing players Paul Gascoigne and Vinnie Jones. The clubs fought out a forgettable 0-0 draw but the meeting of the players resulted in an iconic image that will never be forgotten. Much has been said about the incident that must have been reproduced a million times on everything from posters to t-shirts but the best quote I think came from George Best - "Hard men? Well, there was that picture of Vinnie Jones holding Gazza's wotsits. In my day we called someone who did that a poof." 
Paul Gascoigne told many years later for english broadcast Good Morning Britain :“I remember after the game, I was still shaking, I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, do you know what I mean? I didn’t want to get pushed about.I never ever hurt anyone, I just gave him a little shove and honestly talk about nearly l osing your family allowance, it was incredible!”. But 1988 is also the first Panini Stickers for both :

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