Vasyl RATS

Vasyl RATS is a former Soviet football midfielder. He played for the Soviet national team and Dynamo Kiev under Lobanovski's era. At the present time is a football coach (FC Obolon Kyev in Ukraine). He started his career with the Dynamo Kiev in 1981 and in 1982 made ​​his debut in First Division against "Dynamo" Moscow, held on the field for 90 minutes. Rats admitted later that if he didn's play this season again, he would have moved to the Spartak" Moscow ". He already had an agreement with the club of soviet capital, but Lobanovsky managed to learn about it and warn the player care. Then Vasyl RAST became a very loyal lieutnant of Lobanovski's troup with Kiev and the Soviet National team. For the team of the USSR spent 47 matches and scored 4 goals. The team made ​​its debut in late 1985 , and the last match held at the World Cup-90. Author bright balls into the gates of the French team at the World Cup-86, and the Dutch national team at Euro 88. In the 1986 World Cup he scored a goal with a 27-meter shot against France in a 1–1 draw in the first round: a headed clearance by France was picked up by Ihor Belanov and laid off to Rats, who on the first touch, belted the ball from several yards outside the area past French goalkeeper Joël Bats and into the top left hand corner of the net :
Two Years later he scored another splindid goal. During Euro 1988 his goal secured USSR a 1–0 victory in the group stage over eventual champions The Netherlands. USSR reached the final, but was unable to repeat their achievement in the group stage and lost 2–0.

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  1. Le véritable nom de Vasilij Rats est Rácz (prononciation identique ou presque) László, c'est 1 Hongrois originaire de Ruthénie, dans les années '90, il a joué à Budapest avec Ferencváros


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