How old is Radamel FALCAO ?

Since Radamel FALCAO arrived at Monaco in summer 2013 many rumours have suggested he is actually two years older than that. If the Colombian international has rubbished them in the past, commenting on Twitter in 2013 that they are "completely ridiculous". Falcao has also released a copy of his birth certificate in a bid to end the speculation. But some questions are still available and if we have a look back at the pictures and the sticker albums we can make our own opinion. First if we consider this old post on Old School Panini about his father : Radamel Falcao's father. We can see that Radamel Garcia loved to take his son with him before many games. The secound picture of the topic is the most interresting. In this one with the Deportes Tolima we can see Radamel FALCAO's father with his teamate who is an other famous father. On his right side there is Wilson James Rodriguez who is the father of other Colombian international, James Rodriguez of Real Madrid. As we can see in the Colombian Stickers albums they played together in 1988. That's what I posted on this famous topic in december 2014 : James RODRIGUEZ & Radamel FALCAO's fathers
This stickers are from 1988 because in the following year, in the 1989 Colombian Stickers album both players moved in others teams. James RODRIGUEZ's father played for the Deportivo Cali and Radamel Enrique GARCIA played for Bucaramanga : 
So the picture with the Deportes Tolima is from 1988. The matter is simple. Radamel FALCAO was born in 1986 so on this picture just below can we see a two years old boy ?
Of course the boy he's not a 2 years old. At least it's a 4 years old child. And if this he young Radamel Falcao on this picture, some rumours could be true. In 2013 and considering his primary school claim he was born in 1984 and here's only Falcao and no other kids with his dad in other photos, it's a bit of a big coincidence. Isn't it ?

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