The FC Fellaini's story

On Twitter many of you asked to me what's the team on this outstanding picture included many players with Fellaini's haircut ? In fact it's the former and first team of dutch international player Simon TAHAMATA (Front row : Second player on the left). Simon Melkianus Tahamata was born in Vught (Netherlands) the 26th May 1956. Tahamata is originating from the Moluccas. In his childhood Tahamata lived in the city of Tiel, a town in the middle of the Netherlands with the particularity to have the largest community of Maluku in this country. As a youth player Tahamata played for Theole and all his teamates came from the same community as you can see on the picture. But the story is not complete. Tamahata's father had 12 childrens and his brothers and sisters who lived in Tiel too had many children too. So in this picture of Theole's team there is only brothers and cousins of the Tahamta Family. And many years later, all the family posed for the same picture but without the same haircut :  

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