CANNAVARO Brothers Sentenced To Prison

Italian World Cup winning captain Fabio Cannavaro has been handed a 10 month jail term by an Italian court after breaking a police seal at his villa near Naples. The 41-year-old, who is currently the head coach at Chinese Super League club Guangzhou Evergrande, got into trouble with the authorities after he breached orders to keep out of the property which had been confiscated and sealed off as part of an ongoing investigation into the abuse of housing regulations. The Mirror reports that the custodial sentence was handed down on Wednesday by a judge in Cannavaro’s home city after he, his wife and brother entered the house to go swimming. His wife and brother, Paolo Cannavaro who plays for Serie A side Sassuolo, were also given jail terms. All three immediately launched appeals against the sentences and will be spared prison until these ongoing legal proceedings are concluded.

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