5 pairs of brothers to play in the 1998 World Cup

Could you name the five pairs of brothers who were selected for the 1998 World Cup ? If the first ones are easy to find, you'll see there is some tricks and with this answers I'm sure you can win a free beer on a pub-trivia. Your welcome.

1-Michael & Brian LAUDRUP
2-Frank & Ronald DE BOER
3-Jostein & Tore Andre FLO 
4-Tosh & Bill McKINLAY
This stickers came from the Navarete Album because in the Panini one there is only Tosh :
Be carreful with the trick of this trivia :
Many people will answering the Neville Brothers and they were in the Panini Album but Phil NEVILLE was one of the players omitted at the last minute by Glenn Hoddle when he was selecting his final 22 for the 1998 World Cup and by the way didn't play in French World Cup
5-Mbo & Emile MPENZA
The belgian brothers were not in the Panini album because they were very young in 1998 but despite their youngness they were selected and played in the 1998 world cup.

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  1. The McKinlays aren't brothers. It's a common surname in Scotland and they were born in Glasgow, our biggest city.


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