Luis SUAREZ from Hollywood

Yesterday I found this fantastic GIF on Tumblr about Luis SUAREZ and his behavior disorder:
Immediately I remembered what I did last summer when  I saw Luis Suárez bites Giorgio Chiellini during the Uruguay-Itlay game. As he was a serial biter I made my own stickers with Photoshop. My first Idea was inspired by a James Bond movie and the bad from "The Spy who loved me". Richard KIEL as JAWS :
Then I wasn't satisfied by the result. I would a stronger picture so I thought to another movie "The silence of the lamb" and of course about Hannibal Lecter interpreted by charismatic Anthony Hopkins :
As well at the end of the game I posted this two pictures on Twitter and now you can find both SUAREZ' stickers in so many websites (most of the time without any stuff is still unknown). But you, the very loyal Old School Panini's followers you know that this two sitckers were original creation ! Thank you to still follow me in 2015 and happy new year once again.

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