GAZZA the Geordie boy

Paul Gascoigne was born in Gateshead on 27 May 1967. He grew up in Dunston and starred for his local side, Redheugh Boys Club. His small stature saw professional clubs relucant to sign him, but Newcastle United took him on as an apprentice in 1983. Twenty-five goals in 99 games captured the attention of Tottenham who signed him for £2m in 1988. In 1991 Gazza was a star with the Spurs and national team after his brilliant World Cup in Italy. And it's at this time Than Gascoigne sang perhaps the most awesome song ever, coupled with a no-expense spared video. Setting back Geordie stereotypes 20 years, this pop-rave monstrosity is proof that Paul Gascoigne could get away with just about anything in 1990. In the year that the nation took him to their hearts - thanks to some dazzling performances on the pitch and those tears against Germany - we were even willing to allow a topless/tracksuit combo and a 'Gazza rap'.
Mindblowing lyrics:
"Cheers to the boys who sup it down. Geordie Boys, tough and proud. They like their music strong and loud."
"Move your body, tap your cap, keep on going to the Gazza rap!"

P.S : Geordie is a nickname wich refers to a person from the Tyneside region of England and the adjacent areas.

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