Wich is the best slide tackle goal ?

In the 2008-09 season in Bundesliga (25th April 2009 - Week 29)  the Bayer Leverkusen faced-of Karlsruher at home. It was a very close game and at the 72nd minute defender Sebastian Langkamp scored the only goal of the game but what a goal. A bizarre winning goal when Sebastian Langkamp slid into a challenge in midfield and made decent contact with the ball. So good in fact that it flew 40 yards, over the keeper’s head, and into the back of the net! For Sebastian Langkamp it was his first professional goal and it was only his fifth professionnal game in Bundesliga. What a debut for him. Now he's 26 years old and played with Herta Berlin. He scored five goals in 77 Bundesliga appearances and trhee goals in 51 appearances in Bundesliga 2. But now have a look at this awesome slide tackle goal :

But in Italy there was a more terrific slide tackle goal in 2014.  A freak goal happened in the fourth division tie between Tuttocuoio 1957 and Vigor Lamezia. Lamezia midfielder Domenico Zampaglione won the match for the visitors at Tuttocuoio's Santa Croce sull'Arno stadium in Tuscany when he went in for a crunching slide tackle in his own half. The wind carried the ball around 75 yards and all the way into the opposition net, creating what is surely one of the most impressive unintentional goals of all time :

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