Tim WIESE bulks up for drastic career change

It's not particularly unusual to see professional multi-sportsman, occasionally footballers take a different career path and pursue another sport but it's safe to say Tim Wiese is a little bit different. Tim Wiese made over 300 German League appearances in goal for teams like Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim before his contract expired in January at the age of 32. Being released, an unemployed free agent is a difficult time for any footballer, especially one that has played at the highest possible level having earned six caps for the German national side. Arguably one of the biggest obstacles facing a sportsman during their time in the wilderness is maintaining the required level of fitness capable of convincing a club to take you on... Tim Wiese does not have that problem. Having hit the gym, Wiese is now an absolute giant, a giant that has now been offered a contract to join the WWE as a professional wrestler, he told Blind: "I have an official enquiry from the WWE, it's about working for them as a wrestler. I will listen. "I don't s**t my pants, why should I immediately say no? Wrestling is very popular, especially in the States. I will go through the enquiry with my agent next week." To be fair, he's a big fella:
In 2008 Tim WIESE started his WWE Training and  his sparing partner was Hamburg's striker Ivica Olic. A very nice high kick :

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