Lionel MESSI's first goal

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi set a La Liga record of 253 goals when he grabbed a hat-trick yesterday's 5-1 win at home to Sevilla. The previous mark was held by former Athletic Bilbao striker Telmo Zarra since 1955, which marked the end of the Spaniard's 15-year career with the Basque club. Zarra scored his 251 goals in 277 appearances while Argentina captain Messi, who was 17 when he netted for the first time in Spain's top flight against Albacete in May 2005, needed 289 games. "When I scored that goal (against Albacete) I couldn't imagine I could break any record, let alone this one previously held by the great Telmo Zarra," Messi wrote on his Facebook page. We need to go back to 2005 when Messi scored this first goal. It was the 87th minute and Barça were up 1-nil against Albacete. Leo came on for Samuel Eto’o, the man who eventually left Barcelona with 130 goals to his name. Lionel Messi would go on to score in the dying seconds of the game, of course. Yet few remember that on his debut he scored two remarkable goals. One was wrongly disallowed. It was a perfectly timed run to the far side, with an Albacete defender ruining the offside trap. Ronaldinho slipped him in with an exquisite flick, and Messi chipped the ball casually into the side-netting. Of course, the goal did not stand, but it only took another minute for Ronaldinho and Messi to create the exact same combination. The second time around, there was no denying the young Argentine’s class. The Camp Nou had witnessed the beginning of something they never could have imagined. A 17-year-old Leo Messi scoring two goals in two minutes. Lionel Messi is now LIGA’s all-time leading scorer at the age of 27.

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  1. Le premier but de Messi est digne d'être rappelé.

    jeu Messi est un plaisir de voir qu'il est avec enthousiasme, une chose naturelle dans le spectacle, au lieu de coolies sur le terrain. Messi est très bon tous azimuts, c'est un joueur fantastique. Tout le monde espère qu'il peut dans son équipe Messi à l'intérieur.


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