BRESSAN with the best Champions League goal ever ?

Mauro Bressan scored few goals in a career that spanned 20 years and nearly 500 games and Mauro Bressan's career was that of a journeyman, but it will never be forgotten that he scored one of the best goals in Champions League history. His career peaked whilst playing for Fiorentina during 1999–2001 and though he didn't have many league starts, he did start three Champions League games for the Italian side. Bressan's main fame comes from one of these games, in the 3–3 draw against Barcelona on November 2, 1999. With the score 0-0 after 14 minutes he scored what is considered one of the greatest goals of all time, a spectacular 25 yard bicycle kick. With Enrico Chiesa's low cross only half cleared and the ball bouncing around just outside the area, the midfielder unleashed a rovesciata which had Francesc Arnau beaten all ends up. Bressan remembers what he thought when he saw the bouncing ball "I wanted to try it because I had attempted it a few times in training with not much success". An ITV programme on the 50 greatest Champions League goals had it at number 2, behind Zinedine Zidane's winning volley against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions League Final. Sky One also placed this goal as number 8 in their list of the 50 greatest Champions League goals

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