Panini Fail : Andrès ESCOBAR

When I posted his picture on the topic of Colombia 1994 everybody ask me the same question : Where is Andrès ESCOBAR ?
If Escobar's sticker is absent it's only because when Panini published their album the colombian defender was injured and by the way not with Colombian team the day of the official shot. But In Colombia and some countries Panini would repaired this fail and they called the right man : The trainee photoshop. So the sticker's wizard took the 1990's sticker then he reversded it and he painted in yellow the colombian kit Well done another time Mr traine photoshop.
Source : Bestario del Ballon (greatest colombian football blog)

Old School Panini for this topic : "Andres ESCOBAR flingué pour un but contre son camp" created his own Escobar's sticker and I'm proud of it when I see the Panini fake one

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