Top Ten of Number 10 in France

In the 80's Platini, Alain Giresse, Luis Fernández and Jean Tigana together made up the "carré magique" (French for "magic square"), the group of midfield players that formed the heart of the French team in the 1980s. The "carré magique" and mainly Michel Platini's legacy was huge for domestic league after the World Cup 1986 thus at the end of the decade all the best number 10 of the world would play in France (except Maradona even if Marseille nearly signed him in 1990). In modern football the "number 10" like Platini disappeared (except "El Ultimo 10") but in this glorious time a legion of "Number 10" invaded french grounds ! Have a look of this ten legends of the beautiful game. Ten Playmakers : 

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