Bruno Alves' father

Washington Geraldo Dias Alves is a former Brazilian professional footballer. Born the 3rd september 1947 in Barao de Coçais in Minas Gerais state at Brasil. He played at centre back defender position and in the top of the seventies he signed for the presitgious club of Flamengo. He played 80 games in 3 seasons with the greatest team in Brasil at this time. Three years later he moved to Portugal and he played for ten years in first division, most of them with Varzim team. In 1980 and one year later he had two child with his portuguese wife. The older is Geraldo and the younger is international player Bruno Alves. Both children are playing like their father as Centre back. Geraldo Alves plays in Romania currently and Bruno Alves plays in Russia with the FC Zenit Saint Petersburg and he's one of the famous player of Portugal team. The last brother, Júlio Regufe Alves (born in 1991) is also a young professionnal and plays in Portugal's first division. He is a Portugal U20 & U21 international player but he's a midefielder, the only in the family who doesn't play centre back.  

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  1. Washington had a younger brother also named Geraldo (full name: Geraldo Cleofas Dias Alves), who was a hugely promising star midfielder for Flamengo in mid-70s, but sadly died after a surgery in August 1976 at the young age of 22. Geraldo had already played for Brazil in 1975 (Copa America) and 1976 (Copa do Atlântico).

    Emmanuel do Valle


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