Official looks a like of Paolo MALDINI

Everybody knows Paolo MALDINI ! Great defender of Milan AC and Italy national squad for so many years ! He spent all 25 seasons of his career at Serie A club Milan, before retiring at the age of 41 in 2009, becoming a symbol and a legend of the club. During that period, he won the Champions League five times, as well as seven Serie A titles. He was the best defender of World Cup 1994 ans by the way the best defender of the world at the same time. As he was a defender he never won the "Ballon d'or". For me since this famous year of 1994, this trophy is a bullshit ! How they could gave this award to Hirsto STOICHKOV as strong he was in order to Paolo MALDINI ? MALDINI won the champion's league 4-0 versus the FC Barcelona of  STOICHKOV. Then in USA, Italy won versus Bulgaria of the same  STOICHKOV !! This Award is a bullshit where only the strikers can win. Maldini made a better season, a better world cup than the great bulgarian forward but as he was a defender he never won this award in this 25 years long career ! It's a shame ! But this not the goal of this topic. Now we talk about his official looks a like and he is famous french singer/actor Marc LAVOINE. Isn't he ?

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