The Thai Boxing celebration

Francesco CAPUSO he's a italian striker. At 20 he played with Noicattaro in italian fourth division (2006-07). He scored 29 goals in 34 matchs for his first season with the first team. The next season he signed to Bari in second division (Serie B). CAPUTO he's young and a great hope for Bari. He scored 28 goals for his firts season in Serie B. In 2010 he won the serie B and the young striker will play in Serie A for the first time of his career. A short experience as you will see. In the 13 first games of the season he never scored. By the way Bari won only two games and scored only nine goals until the 14th day of italian league. The 28th november 2010 was the great day. Bari received Cezena and at the 62nd minute, Bari conceded a goal on penalty. Then the next minute Bari's manager Ventura ask to argentinan player Emanuel Rivas to came into the game (in substitution on Luigi Rana). The next minute at 64th, Francesco CAPUTO scored his first goal (and the last one) of his career in Serie A and he sprinted away from all teammates in order to soak in the glory. But CAPUTO would be typical and punched Emmanuel Rivas in the face for trying to celebrate with him ! Have a look of this perfect Thai Boxing elbow :

Why? Who knows. But Rivas certainly wasn't expecting it. He thought he was going to get a nice hug and instead he got smacked in the eye

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