The truth behind Carlos VALDERRAMA haircut

Everybody knows Carlos "El Pibe" VALDERRAMA ! But today Old School Panini reveals his deeper secret. Because if VALDERRAMA was a such brilliant player, he was also world famous for his amazing haircut as you can see on this World Cup's stickers :
We saw him in France when he played at Montpellier between 1988 and 1991. In France he had still got his fantastic disco haircut :
But he wasn't born with this haircut and in a period of his life, he wasn't a very loyal fan of disco. No at this time he loved hard rock & metal !! How I can say that ? Because I've got a proof !! Have a look of this picture of El Pibe :
He looks like a very loyal Mettalica fan, isn't he ?

P.S : Thanks to Bestario del balon, again.

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