David TREZEGUET's first goal

As we saw this morning Thierry Henry scored his 400th goal last week. At the same time, his best friend David Trezeguet has his goaliecount block at 299. He scored for the last time two weeks ago with his new team of Newell's Old Boys. So as Old School Panini did for Thierry Henry we will see now the first of Trezeguet's 299 goals. As wee saw in the large topic : Once upon a time David Trezeguet (sorry it's in my mother tongue), David started with Monaco after a trial to Paris-Saint Germain. His first years were fastidious. Trezeguet spent some time with Monaco B, the club's reserve-team, in order to gain match practice, having made just nine league appearances in total for the club's first team during his first two seasons (95-96 & 96-97) and never scored in this two years. Monaco were crowned champions of the 1996–97 season and at the end of the season, Sonny Anderson went to FC Barcelona to substitue Ronaldo who left Spain for Inter Milan. At the 1997-98 opening season Jean Tigana (AS Monaco Manager) named David TREZEGUET as a starter in attack with his friend and young international teammate Thierry Henry. In the first five games of the season, David TREZEGUET was so unlucky ! After many opportunities his personnal count is still blank. For the 6th game of the season, Monaco the champion is on difficulties with one win and 3 losses before a crucial game at Cannes. If Monaco scored first, Cannes equalize shortly. Then Monaco dominated the game but two times Trezeguet failed to gave the win to his team. Other strikers should doubt but not him. And in the last minutes he scored his first professionnal goal ! The 5th september 1997. This goal made him free in his mind and then he scored so many goals in French league and Champions League. He finished his first starting season with 18 goals in championnship (at only 20 years he was the second best striker in the country behin world Champion too Stéphane Guivarc'h). Aime JACQUET called him for the 1998 World Cup and we know the end of the story. Here it come David TREZEGUET's first goal in a professionnal team : 

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