When Will I Be Famous ?

You must remember this hit on the late 80’s :
Yes you´re suitably at one
with your body and the sun
Yes you are
Well you´ve read Karl Marx
and you´ve taught yourself to dance
You´re the best by far
But you keep asking the question,
one you´re not supposed to mention.
 When will I will I be famous
(I can´t answer I can´t answer that)
When will I see my picture in the paper
When will I will I be famous.
you keep asking me baby.

"When Will I Be Famous?" was a single by UK boy band BROS, released as a single in 1987 and later appearing on their 1988 album Push. The verses are sung from the viewpoint of an agent or talent scout and the chorus is sung by the viewpoint of the person asking when they will be famous. The song originally peaked at #62, but later entered the UK charts at #2 when reissued. BROS (abbreviation of the word "brothers") consisting of twin brothers Matt Goss (leader) and Luke Goss along with Craig Logan. Formed in 1986, they were managed by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins :
In the mid 90’s, in Netherlands, three dutch players of Vitesse Arnheim were very loyal fans of the british boy band and they look same :
And now the video clip of Bros - When Will I Be Famous ?

Post Scriptum : Luke BROS today is a famous actor who loves play Vampire & in movie 2 ! :

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