A great moment in a few days ( 18-21 June 2013) at New York City with 3 Old School Panini’s friends in the Futbol Artist Exhibition. Local artist Daniel NYARI who  draw the splendid playmakers ! Remember : The Playmakers. Then they’ll be also in the place my two friends, Steve WELSH from Middlesbrough and Sebastian DOMENECH from Buenos Aires. We saw their talent in a Alessandro DEL PIERO topic a few weeks ago : Alessandro "Il Pinturicchio" DEL PIERO. Daniel, Steve, Sebastian and other artists worked the last week for a secret Old School Panini project but you’ll know more in the next weeks. Meanwhile you’ll can see the next days all their talents in this New York Exhibition. Have a look of the presentation of the exhibition and in the coming days I’ll talk about Daniel, Steve, Sebastian’s art in more details.

An Art Exhibition of the Beautiful Game

The Futbol Artist Network has brought together 25 of the best futbol artists from around the world for an amazing art exhibition displaying the beautiful game.   The exhibition will take place at the 5th Annual Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival June 18-21, at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.    Artists from 13 different countries will be represented so expect to see a wide variety of unique and spectacular soccer art.   Painters include favorites such as Betirri, Liam Dickinson, Ben Mosely, and Sebastian Domenech, with well-known illustrators Steve Welsh, Daniel Nyari, Ty Palmer, and Zoran Lucic. 
Diego by Sebastian Domenech
Included in the exhibition will be photography from Belgium based artist Jessica Hilltout, displaying images from her world famous Amen Grassroots Football Project, as well as photographer Ciao Vilela of Brazil, known for his book Futebol-Arte, which brings images of spontaneous soccer matches captured in all 27 Brazilian states. 
Also included will be US Soccer National Team star and Stoke City player Brek Shea. Along with being a world-class soccer player, Brek is also an artist and will be displaying a never before seen painting at the exhibition.  
The Playmakers by Daniel NYARI
“We are starting a movement to replace the art hung in homes and offices of futbol fans around the world, ” said Futbol Artist Network founder Trevor Slavick.  “This is a first of its kind and our Group Show brings together the best futbol artists from 13 different countries to kick this off.”
All the art at the exhibition will be available for purchase at the show as well as on the Futbol Artist Network Website (
Alexis LALAS by Steve Welsh
About the Futbol Artist Network:
The Futbol Artist Network is a group of independent artists from around the world creating art inspired by the 'beautiful game.'   We aim to find and feature the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who push the boundaries of creativity to inspire futbol fans around the world.  Our artists are dedicated to sharing their experiences, their emotions, and their soul through innovative ideas.  The Futbol Artist Network was developed to give back to these artists and provide them a voice for their creative growth.

List of Artists and Country Origin in the Group Show:
Adolfo Correa - Santiago, Chile
Angelo Edrine Wasike - Jinja, Uganda
Ben Mosley - London, England
Betirri Bengtson - Houston, TX
Brek Shea - Dallas, TX
Caio Vilela – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Charis Tsevis - Athens, Greece
Collin Sekajugo - Kigali, Rwanda
Craig Yamashita - Tokyo, Japan
Daggi Wallace - Los Angeles, CA
Dan Leydon – Sligo, Ireland
Daniel Nyari - New York, New York
Diego Patino - Kokomo, NY
Geoff Parrish - Los Angeles, CA
Ho Keun Choi - Seoul, Korea
Jessica Hilltout – Brussels, Belgium
Liam Dickinson - Manchester, England
Mark Jenkinson - Philadelphia, PA
Prairie Rose Clayton - Boston, MA
Richard Debenham - London, England
Richard Johnson - Baltimore, MD
Sebastian Domenech – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Steve Welsh - Middlesbrough, England
Ty Palmer - Portland, OR
Zoran Lucic - Bijeljina, Bosnia

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