The very first sticker of Ryan GIGGS from 1991-92 !!

Last time I made a big mistake. I was sure to have all the stickers of Ryan GIGGS from 1992-93 to 2012-13 (have a look on the topic : Paninomorphology - Ryan GIGGS). But my friend Claude send me the very first one Panini sticker of Ryan GIGGS. The worst thing of this story that's I have the complete Panini album of 1991-92 and I forget or I didn't see Ryan GIGGS. What a shame. In my defence I don't like albums with stickers in action. So here it comes the very first sticker of Ryan GIGGS from the Panini album of 1991-92. 22 years ago !! It's so amazing
And the seame year, we can find a Pro Set card of Ryan GIGGS
And if you know if a card or a sticker of the very first season of Ryan GIGGS exists in 1990-91 tell me please and I will confuse once again ! Ryan GIGGS in action versus Oldham the 28th august 1991.

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  1. Enorme respect à ce Monsieur, Sir, je dirais même ! 1000 matches, + de 20 ans de carrière dans un unique club, et pas des moindres, Manchester United ! Et en plus il a connu l'époque où Adidas équipait les Red Devils !


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