French Television big fail with Didier DESCHAMPS

A special thank to Sébastien Vincendeau who showed me last night this incredible fail on french television on the Old School Panini's facebook page. You know in France, for some matches we have some stupid questions during the game to win a Car, a TV etc...Everytime it's a too easy question in the only goal as many people as possible call a very expansive phone number. For example you can have for a France vs Brasil a question like this : Who scored two goals in the 1998 world Cup Final vs Brazil ? 1 - Zinedine ZIDANE or 2 - Stephane Guivarc'h ? You see as stupid are these questions !! Everybody knows that Stephane Guivarch never scored with France in this World Cup !!! So in 2009 during a UEFA cup game versus Bordeaux and Galatasaray, M6 channel asked this question :"whose of Didier DESCHAMPS or ZINEDINE ZIDANE played for Bordeaux ?"
If you ask Suptid question all year long you must hire sutpid person and may be it can happen that people forget that Didier DESCHAMPS played one season for Girondins de Bordeaux (39 games & 3 goals in 1990-91) but the worst thing in this story is that M6 channel is the major shareholder with 99% stake of "Girondins de Bordeaux". What a shame ! This guy must read Old School Panini and know he knows that both player for Bordeaux !!

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