The Playmakers

Daniel NYARI is a great artist. He was born in Romania and grew-up in Austria before moving to New York City where is still living. He enyoys football, ant especially artists in this sport. He calls them the playmakers.  For Daniel Nyari a plamaker is : "A Playmaker is a player in football who leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from wich they could score. He often plays centrally between the opposition's defence & attack". Now it's time to watch  Daniel Nyari's art. It's magnificient and this his 25 playmakers in football history :
I'm so fan of his work. It's so brilliant so I would to do the same thing but with my own ressources...the Panini stickers.
Please have a look on the  Daniel Nyari's website : Daniel Nyari Graphic Design & Illustrations

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