The day when Jens LEHMANN failed at Milan

This morning on Twitter and Facebook I posted this sticker of Jens LEHMANN with MILAN AC and so many of you had forgetten than he played in Italy. But it's true that it was not a glorious perio for him. He left Schalke for A.C. Milan in 1998, however his performances didn't match the standards set at Schalke. In one game Gabriel Batistuta scored a hat-trick against him, including a goal from a free kick in the box which Lehmann had conceded by handling a back pass. This game xas for the 3rd day of italian championship and it was already the end of the season for Jens LEHMANN.Lehmann was dropped (he played only five matches) and believing he wouldn't get another chance at Milan he left during the winter but he was champion at the end of the season. The hat-trick oh his hangman, the great Gabriel Omar "Batigol" BATISTUTA : 

And of course the sticker of Gabriel BATISTUTA :
LEHMANN's adventure in Italy was a fail even so he had close friends at the begining :

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