Gary LINEKER : King of Spain

As we see it in the last topic (Gary LINEKER “el rey del Clasico”) Gary LINEKER had a flying start in 1987. At the end of January he scored a perfect hat-trick to give the “Clasico” to Barcelona (win 3-2 over arch-rivals Real Madrid). 19 days after, he was stronger on Bernabeu field with the Three Lions versus Spain. Gary Lineker sensationally scored four goals in a stunning 33-minute goal-rush. England won in Spain 4-2. Real Madrid ‘s defender Sanchis was so disappointed after this two games versus Lineker and said after this second lost “Lineker is our black beast”. Lineker’s teammate Viv Anderson confirmed : “I knew exactly how the Spain defenders felt after 90 minutes as I had been on the end of a six-goal hiding before when Gary was part of that very good Everton team.He had moved to Barcelona by this time and, if anything, his game had improved. He just had a sixth sense of when and where the ball might land in the penalty area. He would be the first to tell you that among the dozens of goals he scored, there weren't too many from outside the area but he was certainly the best predator I ever played with”. Peter Beardsley is also impressed by Lineker performance and opportunism: “I don't think Gary realised just how good he was. He was one of the best finishers the world has ever seen, and, without being big-headed, I think we had the perfect partnership and he was a dream to play with”. And the last reaction but not the least with Gary LINEKER himself. 24 years after his wonderful game he had a look back of this particular game for him: “I became an adopted Catalan when I scored a hat-trick against Real Madrid and followed it a month later with four goals for England. Barcelona's slogan is ‘Mes que un club’, Catalan for 'More than a club.' And it really is. After the Spanish Civil War, the only place the locals could speak Catalan freely was in the Nou Camp, when the football was on. Barca fans couldn't have been happier after this match - I woke up to headlines in Barcelona along the lines of: 'Catalan player scores four goals against Spain’”. Now the four goals in video:

And the portfolio :

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