A drunken Ossie ARDILES dented the FA Cup trophy

Ossie Ardiles put a dent in a few defences in his time as a Tottenham star but team-mate Glenn Hoddle has revealed the little Argentine also dented the FA Cup as a sozzled prank went wrong. "It was the 1981 FA Cup Final when Spurs beat Man City in a replay with Ricky Villa scoring in a 3-2 win," Hoddle tells channelbee.com "In the dressing room behaving like little kids and drinking champagne out the FA Cup. Ossie, who couldn't hold his drink, had been glugging champagne and was drunk as a skunk when he came in to the baths. So we're in the bath singing Chas and Dave songs and Ossie is stood at the side, stark naked with the Cup in his hands and tipsy from all the champagne. He then throws the cup in the air and jumps in the bath.As we pick the cup up, this 100 year old cup, we realise there is an almighty dent around the edge. The cup had hit the ceiling when he had thrown it up". "So we got our families together and when anyone had their photo taken with the Cup someone would have to put their hand over the dent. In the end the FA had to change the Cup and we had to tell them a few stories, but it was actually little Ossie!"

P.S : Merci Max l'ancien

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