Goal of the season 1977/78 : Archie GEMMILL

In English football, the Goal of the Season is an annual competition and award given on BBC's Match of the Day, in honour of the most spectacular goal scored that season. It is typically contested between the winners of the preceding ten Goals of the Month, although the goal can and has come from any game in the regular season, including international qualifiers and friendlies—potentially from the opening league games of the season to the end of the European season UEFA Champions League final. In several instances, the goal has come in the final game of the domestic season, the FA Cup Final, the most recent example of which is Steven Gerrard's last minute goal in 2006. In general, the winning goal has occurred for an English side within the domestic English league or cups, although these are not particular rules—Kenny Dalglish's goal in 1982–83 for Scotland being an example. The goal usually comes from competitions to which the BBC holds television rights and which are shown under the Match of the Day banner—at present Premier League highlights—although some have come from the equivalent Sportscene broadcast by BBC Scotland. Due to the lack of BBC European club football coverage, held predominantly by ITV and Sky, no goal of the season has ever been scored in European club competition despite many contenders. Due to a transfer of broadcast rights, the entries for the 2001–02, 2002–03 and 2003–04 seasons were decided on ITV's The Premiership.In 1977-78 Archie Gemmil won this prestigious award with this Counter attacking play as Archie Gemmill steals the balls and sets up a fast paced attacking move which he finished off after running most of the pitch for the return ball. A fantastic one - two : 

Panini made a mistake for his first album in Great Britain with the sticker of Archie GEMMILL. Gemmill is still under Derby County shirt as you can see on the top of this topic while he played the 1977/78 season with Nottingham Forest as you can see in the second sticker just below from the 1978/79 album.

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