Ditmar JAKOBS' career-ending injury

Ditmar JAKOBS is one of the greatest Hamburger SV players and long time team captain. Jakobs played in the beginning as midfielder and classic German "Vorstopper", later started to play as a libero. Player with excellent heading abilities and very strong in tackling, solid pace and great fighting spirit. It has been said in Germany: "Ditmar Jakobs is the last great fighter in the Bundesliga". The long-time captain was one of the greatest players in the jersey of HSV (11 years, 323 games, 27 goals). He was a member of the team, the 1983 European Cup champions won, 1980 runner-up at the national champions and 1982 UEFA Cup, was 2 times German Champion (1982/1983) and 1 times DFB Cup winner (1987) was. 20 times international (Vice World Champion 1986). His career ended prematurely on 20 September 1989 in the game between Hamburger SV and Werder Bremen. When an attacker lobbed the Hamburger SV goalie, Jakobs lunged feet-first into his goal and scraped the ball off the line. However, he fell into the hooks fixing the goal to the ground (at that time, the hooks were not stipulated to be under the earth). He hung there for 20 agonising minutes, the hook deeply embedded in his flesh. Finally, the team doctor cut the hooks from his back with a scalpel. With this, the nerves in his back were cut. Because of this horrible accident, he was forced to end his career. However, he regards himself lucky, as the hook missed his spinal cords be a mere two inches. Here it comes the terrific video :

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