Marco VAN BASTEN's greatest goal ?

Granted, you don’t have to look very hard to find an achingly elegant goal in Marco van Basten’s groaning back catalogue, but his acrobatic effort in Ajax’s 3-1 victory over Den Bosch in 1986 definitely takes some beating. Ajax leads 2 to 1. They need a goal to make sure FC Den Bosch doesn’t get ideas. Slowly but surely, Frank Rijkaard and John van ‘t Schip move forward. Van ‘t Schip gets the ball to Jan Wouters on the right. He doesn’t think twice and sends it into the penalty area. Van Basten, with his back to the goal, takes some steps sideways and leaps up for what turns out to be a perfect bicycle kick. Almost crystalline in its execution, Van Basten tracks Jan Wouter’s chipped cross to the far post and then proceeds to send it back from whence it came with an instinctive overhead finish - picking out the uppermost top corner of Jan van Gestel’s goal frame with ease. In 2010, Van Basten’s far from lucky shot was named the second most beautiful Ajax goal of all time, right behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ famous slalom against NAC in 2004. Ajax 3-1 FC Den Bosch • Eredivisie • 9/9/1986 • Stadion De Meer, Amsterdam • Goal: 71’ :


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  1. le ptit kluivert ???

    bravo alex, allez encore beaucoup de sujets !!

  2. Oui Cédric c'est bien lui. On le reconnait bien le petit Kluivert ! C'était vraiment pour le plaisir de mettre la photo que par challenge. Merci à toi en tout cas pour faire vivre le site et la page facebook ;-)

  3. le p'tit Kluivert (la tête de filou) et son Maître, belle photo!

    Au fait c'est Mark ou Marco


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